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Our body of work is designed to promote the enjoyment of flowers and floristry as livelihood.


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All the companies listed in the Network are Members of the Flowerhandlers Community. We appreciate these companies for their belief in the concept of consumer awareness as a holistic approach to floral marketing … inclusive and beneficial to everyone. And we are grateful for their participation in reaching out to floral service professionals through various education programs.

The support of these companies allows us to remain focused on our consumer awareness endeavors … via the Flower Godmother & My Flower Handlers and our continued education for floral professionals via the Flowerhandlers Design School & Progressive Floristry.

We trust that through our combined efforts we will provide more flowers to more people, for more reasons, far more often … and our floral industry providers will be able to grow their businesses, expand our industry, and uplift our world … by touching people’s lives with the beauty and wonder of flowers.


The companies listed in this directory do not serve general population flower lovers directly. They are Business-to-Business (B2B) entities. As such, we encourage floral professionals to contact them for business endeavors that are a match. And, we invite consumers to explore each individual company’s rolodex to learn more about flowers and the floral industry.


The Directory is divided alphabetically by component of the B2B floral industry. Components re color coded by category or type of work group:

  • Dark pink – Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers
  • Light pink – Exporters, Growers, Breeders
  • Dark teal – Manufacturers, Hard Goods Representatives
  • Light teal – Organizations, Publications, Schools and Service Companies (which are further segmented alphabetically by genre)


Subscribers: Members who have supported the Flowerhandlers body of work in some way shape or form … either through paid subscriptions, in kind offerings, sponsorships of educational programs or projects, or direct advertising are called “Subscribers”. They are acknowledged in the Directory by bold titles and links to their individual Rolodexes, which are personalized by us. You can learn more about our Subscriber companies by viewing their individual Rolodex page.

Partners: And “Partners” are those Subscribers who promote our work by offering publicity on their websites, including us in their own marketing efforts, or by becoming affiliates. Partner companies are acknowledged by the Flowerhandlers Network icon on their individual rolodex.


Flowerhandlers gave life to “The Flower Godmother” so the general population can experience the beauty, wonder, and benefit of flowers for themselves … no matter where they were grown, where they were bought, or in what form of presentation (raw, hydrated, conditioned, styled, designed and delivered) they were procured in.

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